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Write a program in C to find whether the number is Armstrong number.

 Write a program to find whether the number is Armstrong number


  • Introduction
  • Algorithm of Problem 
  • Flow Chart 
  • Program in C 
  • Out Put


Armstrong number is the number whose digits cube is sum together we get the same number ex 370 in this number we have three digits 3 , 7 , 0, if we calculate the cube of each digit cube of 3 is 27, similarly cube of 7 is 343 and 0 is 0. if we add the resulted value 343+27+0=370 as answer is same as number so number is Armstrong number.

Algorithm of solving given problem

Step 1: Declare three variable digit, sum , num  
Step 2: Take  a number as input from user
Step 3: initialize the value of sum = 0 and set temp = num
Step 4: Repeat step 5 to 7  until num !=0
Step 5: Set digit = num %10;
Step 6: Set num=num / 10;
Step 7: Set sum=sum + digit * digit * digit.
Step 8: If sum == temp than
           print number is arm strong
           print number is not arm strong 
Step 9: Exit

Flow Chart

Flow chart 

Program in C language


void main()
int digit,sum=0,temp,num;
  printf("enter an number\n");
       printf("number is Armstrong");
        printf("number is not Armstrong");



enter an number
number is Armstrong

enter an number
number is not Armstrong

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